18 Aug

Trump the product of years of GOP language

I don’t expect Donald Trump to be the next president, although it would be interesting to see Air Force One renamed Trump Air Two.

But I also don’t expect him to go away any time soon, or to follow the normal pattern of presidential candidates.
Donald Trump calls people names, and doesn’t seem to know much about issues or policy proposals?

A large number of Republican voters have spent 20 years listening to Fox News and talk radio. Insults don’t shock them. When Donald Trump mocks John McCain’s time as a war prisoner, or snickers about a female TV reporter, that’s what they think political statements should be.

And this approach gets him most of the coverage, in a crush of 17 Republican hopefuls where it’s hard for anyone else to get noticed. While Jeb Bush works to raise money to buy TV ads, Trump just has to open his mouth to be all over the screen.

His 20 percent support will be hard to dislodge. Eventually, other candidates will begin to drop out, and winning will start to take 30 or 40 percent, which will be harder for Trump to reach.

Until then, get used to a candidate whose position is that other politicians are losers, while he is really rich.

NOTE: This commentary appeared on KGW-TV, 8/15/15

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