21 Dec

Nothing Trump can say can turn off his Republican admirers

Making predictions about the Republican race is like betting on which leaf will fall next. For months, political experts have been predicting that Donald Trump was just about to deflate, because that last thing he just said had to be fatal.

Except it never has been, and Trump’s polls – the only thing he really likes talking about – continue to hold up, and even to rise. It seems there is nothing Donald Trump can say that will turn off Republicans, who apparently spent the entire Bush administration admiring “The Apprentice.”

So it’s hard to imagine that anything that happened Tuesday night is likely to change anything. Trump’s high points were explaining that yes, he really would go after the families of terrorists – he explained that you’ve got to be tough – and that sure, he would indeed close parts of the Internet to get at Isis.

Senator Rand Paul, among others, pointed out that there was a Constitution, but Trump was undaunted.
He explained, “Somebody will say, ‘Oh freedom of speech, freedom of speech.’ These are foolish people. We have a lot of foolish people.”

Will Donald Trump describing anybody who worries about the Constitution and freedom of speech as “foolish people” change the mind of any Republicans?

Nothing has so far.

NOTE: This commentary appeared on KGW-TV, 12/19/15

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