05 Apr

After gay marriage bill, Indiana has a lot to fix

\As a general rule, when the roof falls in on you immediately after passing a law, when the law is condemned by everyone from the chamber of commerce to NASCAR, when you immediately start insisting that the law doesn’t do what everyone says it does and besides you’re going to fix it right away, it was probably a bad idea to pass it in the first place.

And you’re probably still in trouble.

The Indiana legislature passing, and Gov. Mike Pence signing, a law declaring a religious freedom exemption to the state’s existing same-sex marriage law, has been a disaster – especially after Pence spectacularly failed to explain on national TV just what the law did.

When you have to insist repeatedly that a law does not legalize discrimination – but you’re going to fix it – it’s not a good sign. When businesses all across the state are screaming in corporate terror, you’ve made a considerable mistake.
And when you’ve dragged Republican presidential candidates into a position on same-sex marriage that runs against a gay rights trend that’s been building for years, a position the nominee is going to have to explain next year the way you’ve had to explain things this year, things are really awkward.

Now try and fix all of that.

NOTE: This commentary appeared on KGW-TV, 4/4/15.